Aversion to Playing God Scale (APG scale)

A scale to assess individual differences in aversion to playing God

Please respond to the following statements openly and honestly by stating how much you agree or disagree with them.

1. It bothers me when humans try to take on the role of God
2. Playing God is morally wrong
3. There are some situations where control is best left to a higher power, rather than humans
4. Humans should be free to intervene in all matters, even those in which God plays a role (reverse scored)
5. Decisions about life and death are better left to God than to humans
6. Some domains should be governed by a nonhuman authority rather than by humans
7. There are some matters in the world that are beyond the sphere of human influence

Instructions to Experimenters

Participants respond to each of the items using a 6-point scale (Strongly Disagree=1, Moderately Disagree=2, Slightly Disagree=3, Slightly Agree=4, Moderately Agree=5, Strongly Agree=6)

Reference for Further Details

Waytz, A., & Young, L. (2019). Aversion to playing God and moral condemnation of technology and science. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 374(1771), 20180041.